The Maker

Ben NoffsingerWelcome to the Nafzger Forge website! My name is Ben Noffsinger, I am a bladesmith focusing on making custom chef knives.

My interest in creating began when I was just a child using a rock as an anvil and a carpenter’s hammer to shape iron nails into crude shapes. Early on, the thrill of moving softened iron clutched me and has never let go. My tools improved when I acquired an anvil and built my first forge while in college. Some years later,
I found
myself  a sous chef at a small farm-to-table restaurant. There my passion for local food and traditional and innovative culinary techniques grew and flourished. I decided to make myself a chef knife for work and that led to the convergence of my two passions: creating functional tools and cooking. Since then I have been pursuing this craft focusing on function and aesthetics.

I, along with my wife Stacey and son Leif currently live in eastern North Carolina. Away from the forge, I can be found cooking, gardening, hunting, hiking, or otherwise enjoying the outdoors with my family and hanging out with my three dogs Odin, Freya and Baldur.

I’m inspired by the feeling of creation, the gift of purpose and shape given to lifeless and shapeless steel. Influences from eastern and western style knives can be seen in my work, with most being a hybrid of the two.

I value the quality and soul of handmade items, as well as the impact they can have on the local economy. My mission is to build high performance kitchen knives that will last and be enjoyed for years. My hope is that you will find as much enjoyment in using these tools as I find in crafting them.

“In this day and age the everyday need for a blacksmith has never been lower. However, there are some things computers and high tech equipment cannot replicate. It is my passion to shape steel with hammer and heat. Delicate lines and soft angles can be achieved through the destructive forces in a forge.”  – Ben Noffsinger

The Process

Ben completes every element of the process himself. He hand forges, heat treats, grinds, and sharpens the steel, makes, fits and sculpts the handle pieces, and finishes the knives in his shop.

Lifetime Guarantee

We want your knife to last a lifetime! If properly cared for it could even outlast you to be handed down from generation to generation. Please see our section on proper knife care.

Each of our knives comes with an unconditional lifetime guarantee. If anything happens to your knife it is always welcome back into the shop to be repaired. Our guarantee also includes sharpening maintenance. You may send your knife to me to be sharpened when necessary.



Our State Magazine – Made in NC Awards (August 2017)

“Nafzger Forge Signature Chef Knife received honorable mention.”










The Outer Banks Voice (November 2016)

“Ben Noffsinger: Forging a future, preserving the past”






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(April 2015) – 
Blades of America

Nafzger Forge named one of America’s best makers of artisan kitchen knives.