The Maker

Ben Noffsinger

Welcome to Nafzger Forge.

I make carbon steel kitchen knives from my shop in the mountains of Virginia. I have been bladesmithing since 2011. I began while working in professional kitchens and learning the qualities that separate good knives from poor. A high performance blade combines proper metallurgy with correct geometry and functional ergonomics to produce a tool that maximize your efficiency in the kitchen. I knew immediately that I needed to make a knife for myself. I saw the relevance of a modern bladesmith was still alive in the kitchen, and that thrilled me. It is humbling to think of all the smiths over the last several thousand years that have come before me and know that in the 21st century there is still a need for a skilled bladesmith.

My passion is in tools and working with my hands and my knives are tools meant to be used everyday. I hope your find as much pleasure in using my blades as I do in creating them!

The Process

I believe in quality. My knives are forged, heat treated and tested here to make sure everything that leaves my shop is exactly how it needs to be. If you are looking for a quality blade you have come to the right place. 

I use 52100 steel, a high carbon steel proven to be a top performer in kitchen knives. This steel allows me to produce a very fine edge that is relatively easy to sharpen. The combination of a durable edge that can be resharpened easily allows you to enjoy the process of cooking and incorporate more whole foods into your recipes. I truly believe that finding joy in cooking for yourself and others will lead to happier and healthier lifestyle. I have had many customers comment on this very thing, whether they received a knife as a gift from a loved one or pursued a superior blade for themselves. Having the right tool makes all the difference in the world.


Lifetime Guarantee

We want your knife to last a lifetime! If properly cared for it could even outlast you to be handed down from generation to generation. Please see our section on proper knife care.

Each of our knives comes with an unconditional lifetime guarantee. If anything happens to your knife it is always welcome back into the shop to be repaired. Our guarantee also includes sharpening maintenance. You may send your knife to me to be sharpened when necessary.


Our State Magazine – Made in NC Awards (August 2017)

“Nafzger Forge Signature Chef Knife received honorable mention.”


The Outer Banks Voice (November 2016)

“Ben Noffsinger: Forging a future, preserving the past”

custom kitchen knives

Epicurious (April 2015) – Blades of America

Nafzger Forge named one of America’s best makers of artisan kitchen knives