May 2019 Newsletter


Welcome to the May newsletter! We hope you find a knife this month that fills a gap in your cooking experience. Whether that is a specialty blade for summer barbecue, a 8″ chef knife to make cooking with whole foods easier, fun and less time consuming or a special piece for a loved one’s wedding. I have made so many custom knives as wedding presents over the last few years. In Norse cultures (and probably many more) it was customary for a newly wed couple to receive a sword or weapon from the brides father to symbolize the sovereignty of the new family unit and the duty of the couple to defend, with their life, that sovereignty. Lucky for us raiding parties and warring tribes are a much less common threat these days. However it is our duty to protect the health of those we love and that starts with nutritious food. May is a great month to remember that. Early greens and the heartier vegetables are available and all around the northern hemisphere gardens will be planted, safe from frost.

We have our own ambitions this year for a family garden. We didn’t have time to get it all together last year after the move. With the help of my sister, who is a veteran gardener, we hope to be eating daily from the ground we live on as many of my ancestors have in the past. I will be experimenting with hot peppers and hopefully doing some fermented hot sauces, Stacey is waiting excitedly for fresh garden tomatoes and salad greens. I’m hoping she will make some of her family’s pickles this year as well, we only have one jar left. So wherever you are, plant something to eat. Nothing will taste as good as the food you cultivate for yourself. Even if it is only a small window box with herbs or a single cherry tomato in a pot on the porch. Visit your local farmers market and support the people who work so hard to provide whole foods for their community. Enjoy the satisfaction of retaining your own personal food sovereignty from the pre-packaged and processed “food like” products waging war on our physical and environmental health.

Thank you so much for all the support we have received over the last few years. We wouldn’t be where we are without you.

I don’t have any bottle openers or spoons this month, but they will be back! If you would like to order a few as a custom order feel free to respond, they can be made in stainless steel, carbon steel, or copper.




Knife Notes: 
We have a beauty for you this month. This pattern welded (“damascus”) chef knife is 80 layers of carbon steel ready for work. Paired with a beautiful piece of walnut and jade spacer this knife is not only easy to use but easy on the eyes.




Knife Notes: 
This month I have a fun and versatile knife available. The “Bunka” is a great all around kitchen knife from Japan. The K-tip profile provides an agile tip for delicate work combined with a wide blade similar to a Santoku. Anywhere you would use a chef’s knife this medium sized Bunka will be right at home.




Knife Notes:
It’s been a while since I made one, but I love these knives! This Cimetar is meant for slicing boneless meat, and man does it perform. If you have ever wanted to butcher a whole animal for yourself, or even just a large primal cut, this is the knife you want. Or if you are working in the professional kitchen and deal with large portions of protein, let this meat sword aid you in your daily prep battle. Buying whole animals and using all the cuts, not just the boneless pork loins, rib eyes and boneless chicken breasts (we are all guilty) is a great way to eat healthier and with more respect for the animals we kill.




See below for all of the knives included in this month’s sale. Visit our webstore to see everything we have available.

Right now we’re looking at about a six month lead time on custom orders. Plan ahead and get your gift orders to us with that time frame in mind.

As always we encourage you to tag us in a picture of your new (or old) Nafzger Forge knives. Growing our social media presence is a great way to continue to improve the business. Also feel free to reply to this newsletter with any questions or comments on what you’d like to see more of in the coming months. We are always trying to provide the most useful and desired tools we can. Your feedback makes that possible!

Ben & Stacey Noffsinger




8″ Damascus Chef Knife

10.5″ Wenge Cimetar

10.5″ Zircote Sujihiki

10″ Wenge Malachite Chef Knife

10″ Lavender Cocobolo Chef Knife

8.5″ Zircote Chef Knife

7.25″ Cocobolo Nakiri

6.25″ Wenge K-Tip Utility Knife

6.5″ Black Walnut Fillet Knife



8″ Signature Chef Knife

8″ Signature Line Knife

7″ Signature Chef Knife

6.5″ Signature Bunka

5.75″ Signature Fillet Knife

3.75″ Signature Paring Knife

3″ Turquoise Paring Knife

8.75″ Zebrawood Fillet Knife




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